Amsterdam Time Classics


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Amsterdam Time Classics specializes in affordable vintage wristwatches, affordable watch straps and vintage sunglasses.

We are based at the Antiekcentrum Amsterdam and  ONLY buy and sell affordable Antique/Vintage wristwatches!!!

We DO NOT!!! buy or sell modern expensive Rolex or AP watches etc, Antique vintage watches ONLY!!!

All our watches come with a six month mechanical guaranty!

Hard blows/hits to the watch or water damage are excluded from the guaranty.

Once there was a time when one had to completely rely on ones mechanical timepiece as there were no smartphones or smartwatches, your watch was all you had as a trusty companion that told you what time it was, how much time you had left on your military or diving  mission, how fast your new sports car accelerated to 50mph or even checking your watch constantly counting down the hours and minutes for your first date with the girl of your dreams.

The mechanical wristwatch played a huge part in our daily life and certain wristwatches even had their limits pushed further beyond daily life use and acquired  a legendary status like The Omega Speedmaster moonwatch, The Breitling Navitimer and Cosmonaute or the Enicar Sherpa just to name a few..

They became legends from an era that wristwatches were built to last and the best part was Wristwatches had to look good too.

We love nearly all vintage wristwatches so that is why in our shop there is a vintage watch for every budget as there were some really nice vintage watches produced by less famous brands that have fine Swiss movements, great case design and colorful dials and these vintage watches don't cost you a small fortune.

At Amsterdam Time Classics we see vintage watches as Portable Art, yes a piece of art that one can wear and take along with you on your journey through life.